Rare Find (trees/shrubs)

If you're looking for the same-old, redundant boring item that everyone has in their yard... go to the usual gatherings. But if you're looking for that one-of-a-kind, stand-out item... CHECK WITH US!!!

The Rising Sun™

Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis)

  • Plant Height:  10' - 15'
  • Plant Width: 8' - 15'
  • Medium Growth Grate
  • Average Well-Drained Soil Moisture
  • Full Sun, Part Shade
  • Spring (April) Magenta/Fuschia Flowers
  • Peach/Yellow/Green Foliage (Spring/Summer/Fall)
  • Not Deer Resistant
  • Wildlife Value: Bees, Birds, Hummingbirds, Butterflies


Durable and hardy, considered to be the best gold leaf trees available.  Destined to light-up any landscape with appeal, it is one of the most stunning plants with its tri-colored heart-shaped leaves placed on sturdy branches that starts out as peachy-apricot, maturing through chartreuse yellow to a final deep green.  All three-color phases are present at the same time making this a spectacular tree appropriate for any landscape size. A spring season of interest is provided by waves of sweet pea-type fuchsia/magenta flowers before the foliage which are attractive to many types of pollinators.  Even the bark is a smooth tan with a yellowish cast, distinctive form other Redbuds.  

A vision of beauty you won't find anywhere else.